The 5th Element aka E.M.A 2 the D and DJ PUN is a collaboration of deep rhymes and unconventional turntablism, Complete with that serious old school feel straight from the streets.

E.M.A 2 the D brings inspiring lyrical content that will take your mind to a new place, while DJ PUN envisions that original New York, block party vibe and expresses it through the beats and cuts. Unified, they bring together that 5th element of hip hop – knowledge.


Artist Profiles:

E.M.A 2 the D

Born and raised in the Middle Eastern country of Yemen. One of the poorest and most corrupt regions, E.M.A was witness to violence and poverty on a daily basis. Despite this, he knew there had to be more to the world than living a simple Yemeni life. When he was 17, he packed his bags and headed for Atlanta, Georgia where he attended the 11th grade on a full scholarship. This journey was a life changing experience for him, dealing with major culture shock for the first time. The western world posed many difficulties, and the discrimination against Arabs and Muslims in the United States greatly affected him, and showed him the hurt caused by being judged for who you are.

Although freedom of speech was never welcomed in his hometown, E.M.A has always been an observer and a risk taker, speaking out against the system and writing poetry to spill his feelings of oppression. After being introduced to hip hop at a young age and studying the roots of the genre, he became fascinated and soon realized this was the best outlet for him. Now, E.M.A 2 the D is determined to bring hip hop back to its original state and incorporate the most important component – knowledge.

His lyrics capture real life situations and the spirit of a freedom fighter; someone who would rather give up their life than live oppressed. His main focus though, is to fulfill his life mission: to share his story in hopes of making a positive change in the world through the art of hip hop.


Born and raised in the small town of Portugal Cove, Newfoundland. Growing up in a quiet, rural area enabled PUN to gain a peaceful outlook on life, evolving into the positive person he is today.

DJ PUN was introduced to music at a very early age, growing up in a musically thriving home. His mom played piano, his dad played guitar and his older brother had a studio at his childhood home. PUN was heavily influenced by his surroundings, learning to play a number of instruments by his mid-teens, and mastering the guitar by age 19.

The first hip hop song PUN ever listened to was “Check the Rhyme” by A Tribe Called Quest and he instantly fell in love with the genre. While he played in numerous bands of other genres, he always had a hip hop beat in the back of his mind. Soon he began to embrace hip hop culture, listening to more of its music and learning how to breakdance. Eventually, he took the musical plunge he had always wanted to but just never had, and began scratching/producing beats. Since then, he has never looked back.

DJ PUN provides a beat that complements E.M.A 2 the D’s lyrics like graffiti on an empty brick wall. Coupled with distinct cuts, PUN exudes what true hip hop is all about. With E.M.A 2 the D now living in Calgary and DJ PUN on the east coast, they are both aware that they have to make the time and have continuous dedication and focus towards their collaborations. They will be sharing the stage with Karl Wolf at the Calgary Arab Festival coming to Olympic Plaza August 8-9.



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