Hey Calgary.

If there’s one thing people love in this city, it’s food trucks. However – not all food trucks were created equal; here are a few of our current favorites at YYCNow!

Canadian Beaver Balls

Sugar and cinnamon and delicious dough – mini donuts have always been a go-to. Beaver Balls takes the original concept behind the mini donut and then adds heaps of gourmet toppings that change the game entirely, ensuring you’ll never accept any substitute in the future. The menu is packed with all sorts of balls, including campfire balls, breakfast balls, beach balls, and more.

Family Squeezed

Family Squeezed is a family-run lemonade stand. Using 100% fresh ingredients prepared right before your eyes, they can whip up all sorts of flavours of the popular sweet drink! Here’s the best part though – the drinks are practically a full litre, so you won’t have to wait in line for the awful but inevitable refill process that typically comes with festival fare.

Family Freezed

Family Freezed is the not-so-distant cousin of Family Squeezed, known best for their award-winning Mini Donut Ice-Pop. Serving up over 40 different ice pop flavours, Family Freezed is sure to please!

You can catch all of these trucks next weekend at Circle The Wagons: a carnival packed full of music, food and beer.

Read more about the event here!