Ladies and Gentlemen of Calgary, we have some exciting news for you.

Uber is back!

Well, almost.

After 2015’s short-lived battle between City Council and Uber ended in a full operational shutdown for the Uber’s Calgary branch, some believed it was the end of the story as far as operating in the city went. However, a new development has unfolded in the last 24 hours!

On September 29th word broke out that the ridesharing company Uber applied for and had been granted a Transportation Network Company (TNC) license, allowing them to operate within the City of Calgary.

While this gave the company the ability to operate, drivers are still unable to operate in the city because no insurance policy has been put into effect to protect the safety of the rider in the event of a crash. This same problem caused roadblocks for Uber in their initial launch.

The company sent an email out to drivers on Wednesday toting “Good news!”; if new amendments to Calgary’s transportation bylaws are passed, Uber could make its grand return in time for the holiday season!

The latest news arrived after Calgarians who signed up to drive with Uber were invited by text and email to information sessions last month to complete their accounts with vehicle insurance and a driver’s licence.

Many see the ridesharing company as a welcome addition to Calgary’s transportation market; some see it as a liability and some (the Calgary Taxi and Limousine Advisory Committee, to be exact) see the business as a threat.
What do you think Calgary? Would you give Uber another try? Should things stay as they are?

Let us know in the comments!