In today’s society, being environmentally conscious is more important than ever.

TreeEra is an organization that plants trees on behalf of individuals and businesses to help offset their carbon footprint in hopes of reducing the effects of climate change.

Everything is run through a subscription-based model – packages start at $20 monthly, packages sponsor the planting of upwards of 200 trees. They’re also about to launch a smaller $12 subscription that plants 100 trees/month – if you’d like to go with this option, just send them an email!

Local celebrity/musician and one of TreeEra’s founders Michael Bernard Fitzgerald had the following to say about the charity:

Climate change isn’t a topic we like to think about.

For me it seems like a problem that isn’t really affecting my day to day. My brain gets to, “What can I do?” and then I generally move on to something that seems more pressing.

Making a lifestyle change can be difficult. I’m not ready to become a vegetarian, and as I type this I am sitting in the back of a carbon emitting vehicle heading to play another concert. I recognize there are changes I’d like to make – and will with time.

We’re not saying that planting trees will solve the problem. All we are saying is that by doing so, we can start to make a difference. For the price of a drop-in workout, or a few good coffees, individuals can start to make a measurable impact. One tree does an incredible amount of good.

Get ready – it’s contest time!

If you subscribe to Tree Era before February 17th, you’ll receive a FREE ticket to Michael Bernard Fitzgerald’s show at The Palace Theatre on Feb 17th while quantities last!

To learn more about TreeEra or sign up for a package, check out their website here.