Downtown Calgary has begun the first step of its metamorphosis from a corporate-centric environment to a dynamic and innovative community. This transition has begun through the construction of its newest office building: TELUS Sky.

This stunning project was first conceived almost three years ago when the President and CEO of Telus started to think of a way to transform the downtown Art Center into a captivating and vibrant building. The answer came in the form of a 750,000 square foot tower that is set for completion in Fall 2017.

Construction for the $440-million, LEED Platinum project began in November 2014 and was founded by a partnership between Telus, the real estate investment trust Allied Properties and the developer Westbank. Two thirds of the 58 storey building has been dedicated to office space, while the remaining one third will be comprised of 326 residential rental apartments. The three partners enlisted the help of real estate brokerage firm Cushman & Wakefield in order to handle all the leasing arrangements.

TELUS Sky is a collaboration between the international architectural firm Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG) and the Canadian architectural firm, Dialog. Its design aims to make a smoother transition from working to living. It will do so by taking off from the ground and aiming towards the sky, seamlessly moving from one environment to the other.

The workplace areas will feature large floor plates that will slowly give way to slender dimension as the environment changes and the residential area takes the place of the office space. The façade of the building will also designed in such a way as to mirror this transition. Whereas the work space will be enclosed by smooth glass, the residential apartments will gain a three dimensional perspective through its composition of apartments and balconies, giving the building an overall curvaceous form.

However, apart from emerging as an architectural landmark in downtown Calgary, TELUS Sky is also a LEED Platinum-designated site. As such it will feature a storm water management system that will recycle rain water. In turn, this water will be used for washroom toilets and outdoor irrigation, saving millions of liters of water each year.

As if all of the above were not enough, there is one other benefit the TELUS Sky will bring for Calgary. Through its stunning architectural design, by fusing technological innovation and a unique artistic expression, the building will be an important part of Calgary’s booming arts culture. The TELUS Sky will also feature a 5,500 square foot public gallery space. Not only that, but also the façade of the building will be used to host public art.
TELUS Sky is a unique building able to successfully bundle together sustainability, unique artistry and innovation in one stunning project that will impact Calgary on several different levels: social, economic and cultural.