“It’s the most wonderful time of the year” the sun is shining, it’s constantly getting warmer and with summer on the way that means the Calgary Stampede is not far off. The stampede is a fun filled, crazy and forever changing experience here in Calgary, and during the stampede everyone seems to be a little happier. Most of us will be working at some point through the 10 day duration of Stampede and not at the grounds daily…but taking your outfit from work to the grounds can be  challenging. Today I am going to tell you how to make 2 stampede outfits office appropriate but easy to change for a perfect time at the  grounds

Dressin’ it up:

Floral dresses are a MUST have during the stampede week! They are light, airy and so comfortable. But at the office these types of dresses may be frowned upon…even during stampede week, so here is the key to wearing them.

Whether it be floral or just an airy dress wearing it at the office may not be in the dress code, so for this week all you need to do to make it office appropriate is:


Change the shoes:

I know its stampede and cowboy boots are a staple but for the office keep it casual and wear nude heels that aren’t to high. The key to this is to keep the heels small. The higher the heels the higher the dress goes (or so it feels) try to keep the heels small (not flat) to give the dress the illusion of length.


Throw on a blazer:

Rather than wearing a jean jacket, or a flannel shirt wear a blazer that pulls out the colours in your dress! By wearing a blazer you are turning it into an office casual look.


Now lets take your favorite floral down to the grounds….


Put those boots back on:

Heading back to the grounds? Make sure that those boots are on. Cowboy boots will take the look out the office right away and make it perfect for the grounds

Braid your luscious locks:

Lets be honest, the stampede grounds are hot, sweaty and sometimes gross. To preserve your hair for work the next day put your hair into a side braid and you’ve made the look very casual!


Take a jean jacket/heavy flannel and tie it around your waist:

Everyone knows Calgary gets cold at night and it really doesn’t matter how much you drink; so make sure you take something that will keep you warm into the night! The jean jacket or flannel versus a blazer makes the look even better for a night at the grounds.


Your Cowboy Jeans:


One of my favourite perks of Stampede week is wearing jean EVERYTHING, but mainly your favourite weekend jeans. Making jeans office appropriate is a difficult task and some offices don’t allow jeans even on casual Friday, so during Stampede this might still be a rule in place. Here are some ways you can take your favourite components from your Canadian tuxedo into the office:


Jean Jackets:

Some places of business are sticklers when it comes to wearing denim pants during anytime of year, but even during stampede week so by throwing on your favourite jean jacket you can automatically make a pair of dress pants and a button down perfect for a stampede look in the office.


Denim Button Downs:

Button down shirts are always perfect in any office setting, so during Stampede week thrown on your favourite denim button down with some dress pants, a nice heel and a stunning blazer and call it a day!


Denim Jeans:

For the offices that allow jeans during stampede week take advantage of this! Wear your favourite collared shirt, or your favourite blazer with a pair of your favourite jeans and your ready for work!


Stampede = Denim

Taking denim down to the grounds is easy enough, one of the reasons why I love wearing denim during Stampede is because you don’t have to change much in your look when going from office to the grounds. All you have to do is:

Throw on those boots, and pair it with your favourite cowboy hat:

Because places of business don’t normally allow hats under any circumstances this will be a perfect add on to anyone of the outfits listed above! As far as the boots go…well you can’t go down to the grounds without your cowboy boots!

There you have it! Your 2 simple, and easy outfit changes from office to the grounds. Stampede week here in Calgary is always fun, and a great time; but remember that Stampede is amazing because of your experience not your outfit, but having said that you want to look amazing in every stampede picture, so use these tips for your Stampede week!

Have fun at the grounds, be safe and always be ready for a good time at the Calgary Stampede.