Reuben and the Dark


If you’re living in Calgary, then you’ve likely heard of the indie-folk band Reuben and the Dark. Since their conception as a local YYC favourite, they have since made a name for themselves on the international stage after signing with Arts & Crafts Productions in 2013. You may recognize their musical stylings from many popular television dramas, including The Highwaymen, The Handmaid’s Tale, Grey’s Anatomy, and recently the movie trailer for El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie. 

Frontman, Reuben Bullock, knew for a few weeks that the producers of El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie had been eyeing the song Black Water, from his album Funeral Sky, for the trailer. He tried his best to keep the thought of the song being chosen out of his mind.

“It would have been the Holy Grail to get a song into that TV show,” states Bullock. 

When he found out the song choice was official, Bullock couldn’t express how genuinely surreal of a moment it was. Bullock explained that he was staying at a friend’s house in California and woke up to a cell phone playing the song “Black Water,” which was slid under his door. Two more cell phones followed, all playing the trailer for the movie. 

“Looking down at all those phones playing the video and hearing my song had me tearing up, “says Bullock.

The movie features don’t stop there. Most recently, Reuben and the Dark’s rendition of “What A Wonderful World” was highlighted in the official trailer of Dolittle with Robert Downey Jr., who plays the iconic doctor that can speak to animals.

After the flood of emotions coming off the heels of being featured artists in multiple movie trailers, Reuben and the Dark are set to release their latest album un | love dropping October 25th, 2019. The band recently released the first single “faultline” along with the music video, directed by Brock Mitchell. Bullock explained how, for him, this album came from a place of authentic vulnerability and real suffering. un | love has been described as the most honest and captivating work to date, opening a window into one of the most dramatic times in Bullock’s life.

un | love was the result of hundreds of words with the prefix, ‘Un,’ before them, and I became obsessed with how it confused the definition of the word,” states Bollock. 

With the release of a new album, of course, comes the announcement of the prodigal sons’ return to their Calgarian roots. Reuben and the Dark’s un | love tour will be coming to Calgary for one night only on Friday, February 28th, 2020, at The Palace Theatre. The tour takes place in many other towns and venues across Canada, and the group is thrilled to be making their way back home in the new year.  
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