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The biggest question in the fashion world today is, “What are the latest and newest trends?” Oak + Fort does not ponder on the question, instead, they make their own style and designs without making fashion as complicated as it seems while maintaining the quality people need. Oak + Fort originated from Vancouver and later on opened shops across Canada, including Calgary, and recently, NYC.


Their sense of style – minimalism – has wrapped its concept to many individuals and helped them create outfits that not only look luxurious but also feel luxurious. From dresses to cardigans, shorts to tops, and a women and men collection you are able to make the perfect outfits for everyday routines and/or occasional events at affordable prices. The store is located in both Cadillac Fairview malls (Market Mall and Chinook Centre) where their staff is welcoming and social. They also support online shopping on the website: http://www.oakandfort.ca. So why not update your wardrobe now with a couple, or even tens of their pieces!

Frank & Oak

This is for my gentlemen out there that are not looking for a brand that has a hyped and trendy style but a brand that is clean, fresh, and can both cover casual and formal attire. Frank & Oak help dress men who desire this style at a really good price. The company releases new styles every month to help keep your wardrobe updated with quality pieces throughout the seasons.


Ethan Song and Hicham Ratnani, the founders of Frank & Oak, are childhood friends in Montreal that love art and design. Although Song kept moving forward to a dream where he would connect with others, Ratnani graduated from McGill University as an engineer, but then later met up and created this clean brand that we know today as “Frank & Oak.”
The store is located on 831 17th ave. SW, with a beautiful home-like interior and welcoming staff. So, if you need just a little nudge into the right direction, definitely check the store out and be the fresher gentleman. https://ca.frankandoak.com/