Imagine spending a weekend with hundreds of fellow yogis all flowing together in harmony. Now imagine how convenient it would be if it was done somewhere close to home. Stop dreaming, because on March 17-19, 2017 you can be part of something that’s bringing Calgary’s yoga community together.

The Prana Yoga Festival is this city’s first and only yoga festival and showcases a three-day weekend getaway for our city’s passionate yogis. Explore over 85 classes hosted at the Chinese Cultural Center and whether you are new to a yoga practice or an expert, this festival serves to unify our connection to the rich yoga community that surrounds us. Offering yoga, meditation, nutrition, mala bead making, dance, a market place, workshops, live music, and more, there’s something for everyone. While yoga for many of us is a very sacred and personal experience, a beautiful phenomenon occurs when we indulge in community, so that through yoga (union), we join forces to unite.

Join us for this soulful experience as we emerge on the path of yogic discovery to harmonize in the mind, nurture sustainable health, and discover autonomy of the soul. The Prana Yoga Festival’s mission is to host a space for our aspiring community to align expression and creation, share our light, and change the world for the better. Discover pure adventure and find no limits to your soul as you build community and make new friends.

Festival organizer, Danielle Dixon reflects, “The yoga community in Calgary is so incredibly strong and hungry for more, and we’re excited to be bringing this to the city. Calgary is such a suburban city with so many wonderful studios,” says Dixon, “and because of that, it’s tough to experience the huge amount of talent that we have in the city. The festival is an opportunity to bring not only yogis, but local businesses from every corner together as one united force”

Come in as early as 2pm on Friday to explore Thai Fusion Yoga with Stephanie Wilton. Or join us after work and ignite your senses with a delicious Vinyasa flow and restorative class paired with live vocals and acoustic guitar by Tanya Ryan at 6:30pm.

Saturday, as early as 8am, empower your practice through Forrest Yoga with Ning Gao. Founded by Yogi Master Ana Forrest, this style targets heart-opening asanas that nourish our hearts, cleanse our souls, and absorbs the beauty and sweetness in our world. That night, bring your best friend and melt into a Vibe + Beats + Bliss class with Jess Ecclestone at 8pm. It’s sure to shake your asana as you groove, move, and connect to the latest deep house and down tempo beats leaving you ready to party.

That night, the PYF teamed up with the Calgary Folk Music Festival to host the Prana After Dark party featuring Amy Thiessen to start things out, Scenic Route to Alaska to keep the groove going, and Bassbus to “make party” into the night

Hopefully you didn’t party too hard the night before, because moving into Sunday, you don’t want to miss the nūma Breathework workshop with Trevor Yelich at 8am. This powerful class will help release negativity, increase your energy and has been described as life-changing. Bring your blissful weekend to a close by joining Kedar Raval as he leads you From Sound to Silence at 5pm. Let the weekend’s energy flow over you as you bathe in the vibrations of soothing ancient, melodious Saskrit chants, leading in a guided meditation. This magical session is crafted with deep purpose to bring you closer to your meditation practice, as you dive into the different levels of sensation in your body – coming from a true and authentic place, free from descriptions.

Regardless of your style, time preference and mood – the variety of experiences at the festival are endless.

The most important thing to remember is that the culture that surrounds this event has the pure intention of unifying us yogis into a stronger community. We are all on our own divine journey and it’s important to have other souls to share this with. This is our life; we live yoga, let’s live together.

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Dixon says that she is “really excited to create this space to bring this wonderful community together to connect and learn, and create some really fun, impactful memories”.

We know that Calgary’s yoga community is strong, but it’s also secluded. Pockets of inspiration are available in every corner of the city, but have you ever encountered a yoga festival exclusive to Calgary for a whole weekend? This is not an event that yogis want to miss!

Ticket options include VIP, weekend and single day passes. Learn more about the Prana Yoga Festival and purchase tickets at

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