Must Have Products, to survive a summer in Calgary


Being able to spend a summer in Calgary is a unique and amazing experience. From the Calgary Stampede, to unlimited outdoor events and the unpredictable weather a summer in Calgary is forever changing, and constantly surprising locals, and unexpected travelers alike. With the month of July coming to an end it was time to reveal my monthly favourites, and my must have products to survive a summer in Calgary.

Calgarians known that Calgary is almost always dry, and hot during the summer so it is incredibly important to stay moisturized, and protected from the elements. For this I love using the Hawaiian Tropic SPF 8 sunscreen, combined with Maui Babe Tanning Lotion and Maui Babe After Tanning Lotion. When the sun is shining over Calgary the rays are not as strong as they will be in other places, so to still get the summer sun everyone desires, but the protection you need the Hawaiian Tropic SFP 8 Sunscreen is perfect, it’s not to much, but never to little. Combine this with the Maui Babe Tanning Lotion and the sun is drawn to your skin, and you are guaranteed to get the summer glow. The Maui Babe After Tanning Lotion is perfect for keeping your skin hydrated and glowing all summer long.

To stay hydrated during the dry heat it is always important to spend a couple days by an outdoor pool. That means finding the perfect bathing suit! For bikinis I love shopping at the classic Victoria Secret there designs are classic and trendy, and make me feel like a bombshell in any bikini. My tip to feeling the best in your body when you’re out by the pool is to love your body, regardless of your shape, size or weight everyone is beautiful can rock a bathing suit.


Reading and summertime go hand and hand; my top 2 books for this summer are:


  • The Book of Negros- this book takes you on a journey, although it is a longer read this book is constantly making you think and giving you inspiration to make a difference.


  • People Over Profit- Reading this throughout the summertime you are bound to make a change in your life, or explore the ideas of a new hobbies, goal or lifestyle.

One thing I can assure you about a summer in Calgary is you are never short of things to do, places to explore, and you are always in for a memorable summer.