The Energy sector is diversifying as the interest in protecting our planet today, and for future generations’ growth. Often times regarding this topic there is a lot of talk about how renewable energy sources like solar power are good and they need to be embraced; unfortunately, a lot people don’t know where to begin to make the change or feel that they can’t actually incorporate green energy into their lives.

solarTwo Calgary experts enlightened me on the process of making the switch and how seamless it really can be. Changing energy sources from from traditional electricity to solar energy is much easier to implement with Kai and Gursh of Virtuoso Energy’s model they describe as turn key. A turn key process is the process of seamlessly switching at a manageable rate.

“When we first meet with a client, we discuss their energy use and how we can diversify it. Often, we’ll switch appliances that consume large amounts of energy such as a TV or washer and dryer to function on solar energy, then slowly transfer the entire house over to solar energy including electric or hybrid cars.” said Gursh.


They explained that each plan is truly unique to the client’s needs – that’s why they begin with a one-on-one meeting to discover where the client can receive the most benefit from switching to solar energy, and build a plan to eventually transfer all energy usage to solar energy. Virtuoso Energy works with you to make the switch seamless and affordable. Every contribution counts with the goal of being solely reliant on solar energy.

Solar energy is not only for residential use – businesses can make the switch as well! Currently, Virtuoso has established partnerships to diversify not only the residential market, but commercial as well.

Solar energy has a long history – it is now that change is needed as we begin to see the effects of traditional energy suppliers. Kai’s grandfather had one of the first solar energy farms in Europe, so Kai has a family history of knowledge in the business. As well as a professional background as before starting Virtuoso, he was an electrician.

Not only are they making the switch easier, but the government of Alberta fully supports this initiative and have in fact released rebate programs to further make the change even easier.

Both having worked as electricians, Kai and Gursh saw a gap in the energy sector and a need for renewable energy – thus, setting out on a venture to make that switch for the masses realistic and better yet, easy.

If you’re interested in finding out more about Virtuoso Energy or making the switch to solar power, here’s a link to Virtuoso’s website.