The splendid and exhilarating Calgary Stampede, the breathtaking Bow River, the Calgary Tower, the NHL hockey team, Saddledome, and a high quality of living are just a few of the many things that make our city wonderful, but the most important aspect of what truly makes Calgary as amazing as it is, is our community spirit. With tourism being one of our biggest industries, we do everything we can to make Calgary an unforgettable experience.

We are all aware of the beautiful display of art along Beltline, Kensington andEast-Village but we need something BIGGER: something that represents Calgary- it’s people, businesses, beauty and culture in profundity …and that’s exactly what Alex Kwong and Sergey Ryutin are visioning!

A mural project by Alex.

With 15+ collaborative mural projects under their belt, Alex and Sergey are looking for our support on their latest project which features none other than the God of Poetry and Music- Apollo. The piece includes a rose that has grown through the statue of Apollo, but a true artist never reveals their source, so there’s obviously elements that will unfold itself during the final stages of the mural and we CANNOT WAIT!

The proposed mural includes a rose that grew from concrete, portraying the metaphor of strength and growth after struggles, but a true artist never reveals their source

We’re looking for your ideas, contributions, and support to make this mural possible near a location that will soon be Calgary’s go-to spots for art and culture- The National Music Center. Let’s get this started!

How can you help?

  • Visit this post to see how you can get involved.
  • Tag local businesses, breweries or anybody else you think might be able to contribute
  • Follow @_Alexkwong and @bravotoner and share their murals!