Kamusta, Calgary! Its our turn


Straight from the Philippines, Jollibee brings you the best Filipino fast-food chow in town.

We were naturally excited to try out what hundreds of people in line had been looking forward to for days! The tent outside the restaurant was filled with people of all ages, eagerly waiting to relive their favourite childhood experience. The music was pumped up, and so were we when we watched the Jollibee mascot push through the doors and greet everybody with his energized dance moves! For Calgary, any little piece of culture is very much appreciated and our team was lucky enough to be one of the first customers in Calgary to try out their menu, especially their infamous Jolly Crispy Chicken!

Speaking of which, Jolly Crispy Chicken ranked #1 on our list, mostly because of its juicy tenderness and flavour. The golden crust was perfectly fried and left us craving for more! The best part- you don’t even need the gravy, even though that’s an added bonus!

The next item on our list was the Jolly Spaghetti! We were told that the noodles were sweet, so as we took our first bites, our taste buds were pleasantly confused- It definitely is a Filipino twist on western spaghetti that is perfect for a quick to-go snack or for one of those days when you’re not really hungry but could still eat!

Being a comfort food to most Filipinos, we weren’t surprised to see Palabok Fiesta on the menu. Palabok is a true mark of the Philippines, a dish that takes them home- the shrimp, garlic paste and pork combined with scallions and eggs is a straight ticket to the cluster of thousands of islands known for its rainforests, beaches and mountains!

We couldn’t leave without trying the Mango-Peach pies because… who doesn’t love mangoes and peaches?! Needless to say, we devoured those in just under a minute!

Now it’s YOUR turn to go to Jollbee and let us know about your experience – drop a comment below, tag your friends and share the joy of Jollibee – 999 36 St NE