Corbeaux Bakehouseimage00

Here’s a concept, why not put both a café and a restaurant under the same roof? With a half café and half a restaurant, Corbeaux has created an innovative design in their building making it look modern and cozy with natural lighting with wood and tile designs. Their coffee, by Fratello, is a Zen way to wake up in the morning while snacking on their pastries such as their “The Three Musketeers”, which are baked goods sandwiching a whipped filling, or their macaroons which come in many flavours varying from earl grey to rose. How about ordering some of their plates from their kitchen, with breakfast or lunch on the weekdays and brunch on the weekends? I suggest the Brioche French Toast, which has strawberries, whipped ricotta, maple syrup and sausage for brunch, its absolutely killer.


You have another option by skipping the morning and ordering off their dinner menu, which they serve after 5pm, and for dessert, order from their pastry selections. Their dinner menu is probably the best out of the three meals, especially their Porchetta that contains potatoes, pickled onions, and arugula fig vinaigrette – sounds mouth watering, eh?

Having half a café and half a restaurant works, thanks to Corbeaux, Calgary has got one and a really good one.


Briggs Kitchen + Bar


Lets back track for a little bit to when food was cooked over a natural fire rather than propane or radiation. Oh! Briggs does that! Xavier Lacaze and Brad Taylor really revolve around making quality food and amazing service when it comes to owning a restaurant. The building itself is dark, roomy, and sort of romantic if you want to take a special someone on a date. There is also the option to eat on the patio, which is a seat you don’t want to pass on. Customers will have a breathtaking view of the city within tall buildings, with the sun peaking out from them and a display of cars going up and down the streets – the city vibe. Especially munching on some guilty pleasures like fries, and burgers.
The 100% Chuck burger is a mighty fine burger with mushrooms, avocado, thick bacon and fried egg, which is a monster to handle and a bite to take. On the weekends before 5pm, grab yourself Brigg’s French toast, which contains cornflake crust, maple cream and mixed berries, to make your taste buds drool.

Briggs is doing a really good job keeping their food real and keeping them perfect.

Clive Burger


This is not a fast food restaurant. It is a “classic American burger stand reinvented” – so they say. If you need something filling, big and quick, Clive Burger is the perfect stop, at a really afforable price. First off, the burgers are huge depending on how many toppings you want in them and, second off, the fries portions are huge too. Unless you are sharing fries with someone else, go with the small sized portion… even that is probably too big for one person to finish.

The meat is made with all-natural Alberta beef, their burgers are perfect for lunch, dinner and breakfast (just add a fried egg). You can order a single, double or even a triple patty burger including a choice of free toppings: Clive Sauce, Ketchup, Relish, Mustard, Mayo, Hot Sauce, Pickle, Lettuce, Tomato, Onion, Jalapeño and Sauerkraut and by paying on a couple dollars, you can add Fried Mushroom, Fried Onion, Fried Egg and/or Bacon.

From the decorative walls, made by RAD architecture, to the friendly yet, powerful voiced staff, the place never disappoints. The foods are juicey and just plain delish. Bring a couple mates over to dine and have some quality bonding with its fun atmosphere and chilling music tastes. This is definitely not a fast food restaurant but it is definitely a must have.