Earlier this year, the Kensington Legion (No. 264) entered into a partnership with Truman Development Corp to revitalize the site. The current Legion building is no longer fiscally sustainable and the aged facility no longer meet the needs of the organization. Site 1 will be where the new Legion home will be located. The vision for that home will be similar to its current facility’s form and function, but within a more efficient, flexible, and modernized space. This home will include a mix of market-rate office space to be owned by the Legion, to help create a long-term revenue stream to maintain their core member functions in the long-term.

The developer is proposing a four storey office building that the legion will own and use as a restaurant, lounge and office, as well as generating rental income. They would then replace the old Legion with a new condo, with retail at street level.

The vision for Site 2 aims to strike a balance between investing in a new modern home for the Legion and creating the scale of mixed-use mid-rise project that both affords that investment and is contextually appropriate for local community.

Truman anticipates the plan going to the Calgary Planning Commission in December, and to city council in February.

Development Details

Building Type: Mixed Use
Construction Dates: Timeline
Location: Kensington Legion – 1910 Kensington Road NW
Development Partners: Truman
Design Team: Civicworks, S2, Intelligent Futures, Navagrah, Nubix, Bunt & Associates, BSEI and InfraCor
Website: engage264.ca

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