National parks, historic sites, and marine conservation areas represent the very best that Canada has to offer. They are the essence of our country because they tell stories of who we are, including the history, culture, and contributions of Indigenous peoples. With so many Parks Canada sites and parks nearby, Calgarians have tremendous sightseeing opportunities – and now for free!

The 2017 Discovery Pass is your entirely free ticket to a year of celebration at some of Canada’s most incredible destinations, of course including Banff National Park. To make the most of this gift from the government of Canada, all visitors are encouraged to plan ahead and reserve their stay. Visitors should also think about exploring Canada’s favorite national parks during winter, spring or fall. Click here for further information on how to acquire your free 2017 Discovery Pass. 

In managing national parks, Parks Canada is mandated to maintain or restore ecological integrity in the parks, and provide Canadians with plenty of opportunities to discover and enjoy them. While the number of visitors may increase in 2017, Parks Canada remains committed to keeping up its role as a leader in conservation.