Family Boot Camp // Hot Mama

Balancing motherhood and fitness is no simple task, it’s easy to get discouraged without the right support. Hot Mama offers more than just ‘Mamas-Only’ fitness classes, they provide a space for mothers to build a support network and encourage each other during the rough days. Plus, at Hot Mama, everyone in the family can join in on a class, like their Family Bootcamp which runs every Sunday!

Where: Ironside Fitness Westsprings @ 8 Westone Drive SW, Calgary, AB
When: Feb. 16 // 10:30 – 11:15 am
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Barre Belle Fit // Barre Belle

Train like a dancer at Barre Belle! Classes range from beginner to intermediate levels and can be described as a combination of deep yoga stretches, cardio, and strength-building core moves that are guaranteed to make you sweat. With now 6 locations in the city, Barre Belle founder (and Calgary-native) Marnie Alton has opened shop in Vancouver and Toronto… which goes to show how much people love Barre Belle!

Where: Barre Belle – Mission @ 1812 4 Street SW, Calgary, AB
When: Feb. 17 // 5:15 – 6:15 pm
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Smash // Square1 Fitness

Square1 provides classes that focus on kickboxing, strength, and mobility. Their goal-focused, small group classes can improve your foundations, techniques, and overall strength training. You can also get personal training, take women-only classes, and book corporate work-out sessions!

Where: Square1 @ 822 11 Avenue SW, Calgary, AB
When: Feb. 18 // 5:45 – 6:45 pm
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Full Body // Lagree YYC

Voted Calgary’s Top Choice Fitness Center of the Year, Lagree YYC offers 45 minute, high intensity, small group classes teaching the ‘Lagree Method’. This method is a total body, no-impact workout that is challenging but great for improving mobility and strength while reducing the risk of injury! Lagree YYC’s machine, the ‘Megaformer’, consists of a moving platform and is manipulated through a system of springs, straps, and cables in combination with your own body weight to provide resistance. All movements are slow, allowing you to reduce the impact on joints. However, be warned…this is a high energy workout!

Where: Lagree YYC – Britannia @ 5123 Elbow Drive SW, Calgary, AB
When: Feb. 19 // 5:3O – 6:15 pm
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