Calgary is filled with numerous talented Instagramers and we believe their talent should be showcased. Every day we see amazing photographs from our followers who use our #YYCNow hashtag on social media platforms. We aim to bring exposure to the city of Calgary and its local artists and creators through our popular social media platforms on a daily basis, but that’s not enough when it comes to the daily flood of fantastic photo submissions we receive! In an effort to further promote our loyal and talented followers we’ve created this segment where each week we’ll review the photographs submitted under #YYCNow and share them on our social media platforms and blog. 

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Did we miss your shot? Tag #YYCNow with your masterpiece and upload it to be featured in the next edition of YYCNow’s Featured Photos of the Week. Want to see more photos or videos? Make sure to check out our content creators and follow us on Instagram or Facebook to see all the featured captures!