Looking to save a little extra money this holiday season? Here are 10 great DIY gift ideas that will save you money and score you points for originality.

1) Teacup Candles

Have an old or chipped teacup or coffee mug? Make your own personalized candle with a unique look!
What you need: Candle wax, candlewicks and a teacup – $5 to $25
DIY instructions here.

2) Custom Photo Coasters

Personalize ceramic tile coasters with vacation pictures, family photos, great snapshots of their pet or your own photographic masterpieces. You can pick and choose photos to make someone’s gift extra special.
What you need: ceramic tiles, Mod Podge, sponge brush, adhesive felt pads, clear acrylic spray and some great photos – $10 to $20
DIY instructions here.

3) Cutting Board Tablet Stand

This gift is perfect for someone who loves trying out new online recipes. Turn an old wooden cutting board into a tablet stand and recipe holder. Personalize it with a message or keep it clean and simple!
What you need: Wooden cutting board, lamp harp, drill, twine and a clothespin – $5 to $40
DIY instructions here.


4) Candy Cane Sugar Scrub

This one’s perfect for a hard-working friend or relative that deserves some relaxation and an at-home spa treatment. Use a different extract to make any scent of scrub. Easy to make and chemical-free means some seriously socially conscious relaxing!
What you need: sugar, coconut oil, peppermint extract, food colouring and a jar – $2 to $5
DIY instructions here.

5) Chalkboard Serving Tray

Serve guests at a party with clearly labeled snacks and bring breakfast in bed to your S.O. with a personalized message.
What you need: a serving tray of your choice and chalkboard spray or paint – $5 to $10
DIY instructions here.

6) Coupon Book

Make your own personalized coupon book for someone special. The coupon options are endless: free dinner date or breakfast in bed, full control over the remote or stereo for a week and get out of a fight free card.
What you need: paper and a marker – $0

7) Pressed Flower Arrangement

Bouquets are a great gift… for a week until they die. Give someone flowers that will last with a glass arrangement of pressed foliage. The snow puts a damper on picking your own wild flowers; instead, support a local greenhouse for your inspiration!
What you need: various plants and flowers, a heavy book and a glass frame – $15 to $30
DIY instructions here.

8) Ribbon or Charm Bookmarks

Got a book-lover in the family? Make a personalize bookmark to go along with the new book you got them to put your gift over the top. They are easy to make with scraps of leftover ribbon or with charms from broken jewelry.
What you need: ribbon, needle and thread, charms (optional) – $1 to $5
DIY instructions here.


9) Knitted… Anything!

Cozy up to the fire place and relax while making a great gift! Never knit before? Dishcloths are extremely easy and fun to make. Long-time knitter? Try a matching cable-knit toque and mitts set or a colour-patterned blanket.
What you need: knitting needles, yarn and a great youtube channel like VeryPink Knits – cost will vary on yarn and needles.

10) Hot Chocolate Ornaments

Make hot chocolate a little more fun in individual portions with marshmallows, crushed candy canes and chocolate chips. Decorate them like reindeer or hang them on the Christmas tree in glass ornaments!
What you need: hot chocolate mix and toppings, mason jar or ornament and decorations – $5 to $10
DIY instructions here.

*Prices are an estimate, they will vary depending on what you have at home and different store pricing.