A residential gem in the midst of downtown. Bankview is the perfect blend of residential and inner city living.

What makes Bankview so great? It has so much to offer its residents including parks, shops and restaurants. The best part is the location of Bankview as it offers quietness of residential living just biking distance from the heart of downtown.

Within its 17-ish block radius, Bankview is home to six parks including an off leash dog park, a tennis court, two basketball courts, a soccer field and a community garden. It is a great area for people who want to remain near the thriving downtown urban life, but be able to get out and enjoy some green space.

Located so close to downtown, Bankview offers breathtaking views of the city skyline up close and personal.

Buckmaster Park attracts many community members on sunny summer days. You can always find people relaxing in the sun reading, dancing near the trees, or playing basketball on the court.

You can’t miss the inviting, brightly coloured community association centre that is surrounded by a soccer field, basket ball court and tennis court that is buzzing with people all year round.

Come out to Bankview to take in the views, and experience the friendly community! For more information on events happening around the neighborhood, check out the community association’s website here!