Shopping for new clothes can be difficult but with so many brands based out of Calgary the choice is a bit easier.

Alberta Branded

Alberta Branded was designed by three Albertans focused on showing that Alberta is an incredible province that we are proud to call home. Alberta Branded represents what Albertan people stand for and celebrates the natural beauty of the plains, the mountains, the forests and the wildlife. To learn more check out their website here.


Mark’s opened its first store in Calgary in 1977 as an industrial accessory retailer. The brand began to expand after its large success in Calgary. The company has since grown into the number one men’s casual and industrial retailer in Canada. To find a location near you check out their website here.

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Sunday Clothing Co.

The morning after. Missed calls. Day off. Kickbacks. Football. Missed texts. Lazy strolls. Hangover brunch. Get together lunch. No pants. Sleep in. Morning shred. Unmade bed. Farmers market. Sweater weather. Smooth jazz. God’s day. Your day. Netflix. Banana pancakes. More Netflix. No rain. All shine. Lazy kisses. Paddle yoga. Normal yoga. Dog walks. Meditate. Road trips. Cheat day. Hump day. You’ll do it Monday.

This is Sunday. Check out their website here.

Local Laundry

Local Laundry is a Calgary based company that gives back to the community, 10% of profits goes to a local charity chosen by its customers. Local Laundry’s apparel was designed to help locals show the pride they have in their communities and their city. Check out their clothes here.

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Camp Brand Goods

Camp Brand Goods began in 2011 in Calgary. Camp Brand Goods provides high-quality apparel that is suited for the extreme temperatures of Alberta’s camping seasons. Their apparel is made to be comfortable and practical. To learn more about their clothing browse their website here.

Brooklyn Clothing Co.

Brooklyn Clothing Co is the premium supplier of denim in Calgary and Vancouver. The first store opened in Calgary in 1989 and has since expanded to also provide premium shirts, sweaters, accessories and more. Check out their website here.

6 Streets

6Streets is a men’s clothing brand that is focused on evoking emotion and using fashion to show who a person is through their fashion. The brand is based on the fundamentals of individuality and authenticity. To learn more check out their website here.

Sweat Society

Sweat Society is a Calgary based company that specializing in creating technical active wear that is ethically sourced and produced. Sweat Society creates active wear for men and women that is fashionable and ethical. To learn more check out their website here.

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Talk Vegan to Me

Talk Vegan to Me designs clothing that is sourced locally and all t-shirts are made 100 per cent sweatshop free. The goal of Talk Vegan to me is to spark conversations about compassionate living. To learn more check out their website here.


Seed creates clothing made from natural fibres that are sourced locally in Calgary. Seed Yoga leads the way in local hemp manufacturing and plans to have all of their clothing be made from hemp by the year 2020. To learn more check out their website here.

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Even Odds Collective

Even Odds Collective is a clothing brand that is focused on providing high-quality apparel that can withstand the lifestyle of its customers. To check out their apparel visit their website here.

Blondie Boutique

Strawberry, bleach, flaxen, golden; Blondie strives to appeal to the blonde in us all, offering fun, feminine apparel for every woman who has ever been blonde or endeavoured to go blonde, who idolizes Marilyn Monroe or Bridget Bardot, who cherishes the vivacity of their favourite golden-haired girlfriend. Rediscover top-notch style from around the globe, with Blondie Boutique. visit their website here.


If we missed any of your favorite local brands let us know in the comments below!