Canadian history was made, Justin Trudeau’s Liberals have won a majority government, driving out former Prime Minister Stephen Harper from office by a landslide.

The liberal party sky rocketed from a distant third in the polls hardly a month before the election to sweeping Atlantic Canada, much of Quebec, and even spots in Alberta’s Conservative fortress.

The three month political campaign was the longest ever in Canadian history since the 19th century. Justin Trudeau’s Liberals have walked away with over 170 seats of the 338 seats putting an end to nine years of Conservative government.

After the celebrations end the Liberals will have a tough set of promises to live up to.

Here’s what Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau’s has promised:

Tax changes

Trudeau’s Liberals have promised to bring in tax changes – the highest earners are looking at hikes while the middle-income Canadians will see cuts – within the first 100 days.

They also plan to reverse the Conservative government’s doubling of TFSA limits and the income splitting they introduced for families with young children.


One of the first things Trudeau promised he’d do is legalize and regulate the use of pot. He believes this will make it harder for young people to get into organized crime.

Bill C-51

Liberal leader Justin Trudeau announces his plan to remove elements of Bill C-24 that creates second class citizens.

Call an inquiry into missing and murdered aboriginal women

The disappearance and death of nearly 1,200 Indigenous women and girls is an ongoing national tragedy. The Liberal’s have said they will immediately launch a national public inquiry into missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls in Canada.


Infrastructure changes

Justin Trudeau has pledged to spend $60 billion more than the Conservatives on transit and green projects over the next 10 years. Trudeau has proclaimed this policy as one that’ll create jobs and stimulate the economy, the pressure will be on him to convert that short-term stimulus to long-term economic growth.

Climate change

Trudeau has promised a climate change policy agreed with the provinces within 90 days of the UN climate change summit in Paris in November.

Remodel child benefits

The liberal want to give families more money to help with the high cost of raising their kids. The party will cancel tax breaks and benefits for the wealthy – including the Universal Child Care Benefit – and introduce a new Canada Child Benefit to give Canadian families more money to raise their kids.

Restore long-form census

Liberal leader Justin Trudeau immediately plans to restore the mandatory long-form census, to give communities the information they need to best serve Canadians.


Electoral reform

Changing the way Canadians vote is just one element of a sweeping, 32-point plan to “restore democracy in Canada” that Trudeau promised.

F-35 fighter program

The Liberal platform plans to launch a new competition to replace the CF-18 fighter jet and scrap the F-35 fighter program.


These are some steps the party will take upon forming government, share your thoughts and let us know what you think below.