Try a poutine a day, from April 15 until April 23 you get to hop restaurants in search of your favourite poutine. As an added bonus every featured poutines sold during Poutine Week means a person in need will receive a meal. Poutine Week has partnered with the non-profit Mealshare, a group, since its inception, has been able to share over 500,000 meals to individuals in need!

So where are these Poutines at? Heres the list

Anju Restaurant – Poutine for your Seoul Kenebec fries, Gochugaru salt, soft tofu, Kabayaki gravy & dehydrated kimchi

Avec BistroSqueal Like A Pig Poutine  Guillaume Cheese Curds, Ham Hock Gravy, Scallions with hand cut Kennebec potatoes $15

Bank and Baron – Gastro Chicken Club Poutine Our southern fried gastro chicken and bacon lardon on a bed of fries topped with Quebec Cheese curds, chicken gravy and vine ripened tomatoes. Finished with a Sriracha mayo drizzle and a hint of arugula. $13.50

Bar C – Chicken Confit Poutine Chicken gravy, scallions, cheese curds, fennel salted frites $15

Below Deck Tavern  – East Coast Donair Poutine Hand cut russet skinny fries, quebec cheese curds, hand cut donair meat, gravy diced onion, tomato, house donair sauce $14

Bookers BBQ and Crab Shack  – Three Little Pigs Poutine  House Cured Tasso ham, Andouille Sausage and Bacon on a bed of handcut russet potato fries and topped with Cajun Cheese Curds and Bacon Jus $13

Brasserie KensingtonThe Great Canadian Poutine  Baked and fried russet potato, Alberta cheese curds, candied pork jowel bacon, Maple syrup duck gravy $17

Briggs Kitchen and Bar – Newf’s Poutine chunks of lobster and lobster cream. $18.

Candela Lounge – “The” Nacho Cheese Poutine Chorizo,  Candela gravy, jalapeno,  lime sour cream, salso fresco, fries and cheese curds  $10

CHARCUT –  Duck fat fried poutine, Quebec cheese curds and truffle gravy $9 

Cleaver –  Chips and Quackers $10

The Coup – Mushroom bacon gravy on gnocchi with fresh cheese curds.  Daiya cheese is available for a vegan option

Diner Deluxe Edmonton Trail – Jalapeño Chorizo & Chicken Sausage, Sautéed Red Onions, Roasted Red Peppers, Arugula, Basil Hollandaise, Quebec Cheese Curds & Soft Poached Egg?$16

Diner Deluxe Aspen Landing –  Pork Duo Poutine w/House Cured Pork Belly, Double Smoked Lardon & Soft Poached Egg on Twice Cooked Hand Cut Fries, Quebec Cheese Curds & Demi Gravy $17

Dixon’s Public HouseNewfoundland Poutine Fresh hand cut Fries layered with cheese curds, traditional stuffing and Turkey Gravy in a hot skillet. $12

Donegal Irish Pub – Guinness Brisket Poutine Slow cooked pulled Brisket in a Guinness gravy with chunks of Guinness Cheddar and cheese curds served over hand cut fries and topped with red and banana peppers. $12

Dragon’s Lair Burger – Dragon Fired Chicken Poutine Gluten Free French Fries topped with Slow Roasted BBQ Chicken, Caramelized Onions, Cheese Curds, and our special gravy. Gluten Free Gravy Option Available for no addition charge $7.95

Fine Diner –  Mighty Meatloaf Poutine Golden fries, cheese curds, homemade meatloaf (as seen on “You Gotta Eat Here”) wrapped in bacon with maple gravy $16

Joyce on 4th Irish Pub – Whiskey BBQ Brisket Poutine Hand cut fries, topped with slow cooked pulled Brisket simmered in a Crown Royal whiskey BBQ sauce with Quebec Cheese curds. $12

Joey’s Urban – Greek Poutine  Chicken, Tzatziki, Red Onion, Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Feta Cheese. $11 Served at all Joeys’ Urban locations.   

Kilkenny Irish Pub –  Chicken, Leek and Bacon Poutine Grilled Chicken, Irish Bacon, chopped leaks in a rich cream sauce served over fresh cut Fries.  $12

LibertineUltimate Beer Poutine Hand cut russet fries, Quebec cheese curds, Guinness cheddar, beer braised onions and pulled short beef rib with stout gravy. $16

Limerick’s Traditional Public House – Irish Sausage Poutine  Irish Lattice potatoes with chunks of sausage, cheese curds and melted 3 cheese blend with a zesty Red Kettle Ale gravy $12

Modern Steak  –   Lobster Poutine  Nova Scotia Lobster, “lobster Gravy”, White Gold Fior De Latte $18

Molly Malones  –  Molly’s Poutine Fries, cheese curds, blue cheese, smoked bacon, smothered in gravy with green onion garnish $14

Naina’s Kitchen – Nainalicious Poutine  Hutterite russet potatoes, aged cheddar, pulled pork in our house made BBQ sauce, sweet caramelized onions, and tart Granny Smith apples. Half $8.50.  Full $16.00  Featured on You Gotta Eat Here in March 2015! 

National 10th – Mac & Cheese Poutine $16  

National 17th  – Poutine Galvaude – Traditional French Poutine with Chicken & Peas  $16  
National 8th –  Smoked Meat Poutine $16

National Westhills – Bison bolognese with bocconcini and fried basil  poutine  $16

Original Joes Smashed Potato Poutine Crisp smash browns with quebec cheese curd, chopped bacon, gravy and green onion. $7.50Served at all locations.  

Perogy Boyz Poutine Perogies topped with truck made garlic herb beef gravy, melted cheese curds, crisp double smoked bacon, more cheese curds & fresh chives. Make it complete with a side of All Beef sausage $13

Pig and Duke Pub – Swinetine Squeaky curds, pig sauce, green peppercorns, bacon, pulled pork, and a fried egg. $13  Served at both locations.  

Redwater MacleodShort Rib Poutine $13.95

Redwater StadiumGuiness and pulled pork poutine$17.95

Redwater AspenDuck Confit Poutine $13.95

Rush Ocean Prime – Rush Ocean Prime  Russet potato fries with red wine demi, pulled short rib & white cheddar $17. Only available during happy hour 3pm – 6pm   

Seanachie Irish Pub – Gaelic Poutine Irish bacon, Imported Guinness Cheddar and cheese curds in a Guinness Stout gravy served over hand cut fries and topped with crispy onions. $12

Ship & Anchor Pub –  Le Banger Poutine Hand cut Russet potatoes, topped with Quebec cheese curds and a Spolumbos pork banger, smothered in Village Blacksmith gravy, sautéed onions, and peas $10.95

4th Spot and Spot On  – Downtown Poutine Hand cut kennebec fries and Quebec cheese curds covered in homemade gravy.  Add pulled pork for Uptown Poutine $13.99  Butcher Shoppe Poutine Shaved beef, bacon, meatloaf chunks, spicy Spolumbo’s sausage, hand cut kennebec fries, Quebec cheese curds covered in homemade gravy. $15.99

St James Corner Pub  – Ground beef, corned beef and country vegetables simmered in rich house made gravy. Served on home cut fries and topped with Quebecois cheese curds.  $13.95

State and Main  –  Butter Chicken Poutine Roasted chicken, curried tomato cream sauce, cheese curd, spiced yogurt & fresh cilantro. $12. Served at both locations.   

Swine and Sow – House cured ham, swiss fondue sauce, crisped pig’s head pancetta, cabernet reduction. $17

Township Bar and Grill – Big Beam Poutine Double cooked Kennebec fries, Jim Beam BB-Q gravy, Township Braised Beef Bacon, Monterey Jack Cheese and Fried Onion Strings $15

Trib Steakhouse – Slow braised Alberta short rib, local cheese curds, gorgonzola demi-glace, crispy fried onions. $17

Vintage Chophouse  – Pulled C.A.B. short rib, 2 year aged cheddar, crispy fried onions, peppercorn sauce. Regular size – $14  Enormous size – add $5.

Wine Bar Kensington –  Last Best Poutine Roasted fingerlings last best pork gravy crispy pork belly curds chilli aioli. $17

Wurst – Duck fat fries, green peas, gravy, cheese curds, truffle oil $12 add duck confit, $6

Yellow Door Bistro Smoked Chicken Poutine Twice cooked fries, smoked chicken gravy, white cheddar curd, pickled shallot $13

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