Many of you probably know of truffle mushrooms as being a luxury menu item. Well, it is! Because truffle mushrooms are hard to find, difficult to grow, and near impossible to keep fresh for a long time. One thing you’re probably thinking now is “but they sure taste good!” and that is also true.

Luckily, the team at Calgary’s Modern Group of Restaurants has worked hard to bring you one amazing dining experience featuring truffle mushrooms! 

This November, be sure to check out Modern’s Truffle Mushroom Festival! 

At Modern Steak, they are featuring a 5-course tasting menu for only $109 per person! Your dinner will start off with a Mushroom “Bruschetta” Toast and end your meal with Chocolate Truffles. We don’t want to give too much away. This will make the perfect date-night or the perfect dinner for a special occasion. 

Craving seafood instead?

Head over to Modern Ocean! They have a Lobster Risotto feature that is topped with freshly shaved autumn truffle. If you are a lover of lobster, you know that its rich flavour pairs well with truffles. Say no more. 

Finally, for those who want to feel fancy but not too fancy

The special menu at Modern Burger features Truffle Honey Chicken Wings, a Truffle Poutine, and the Wagyu Truffle Burger! The burgers at Modern Burger are 100% Alberta grown and never frozen. Top this burger off with some black truffle cheese and you will truly feel like there’s a party in your tastebuds. 

Don’t miss out this month. Check out the Truffle Mushroom Festival today!


When: November 1st – November 30th
Where: Modern Steak, Modern Ocean & Modern Burger