As a child, going to the candy shop was the most exciting experience you could hope for; looking up at all of the colours, the sweet smell in the air, the struggle of choosing just a few candies, it’s what every kid looked forward to. Candy stores are not just for kids though, adults can enjoy sweets just as much. Below are some of the best sweet shops in YYC.

The Candy Kid

The Candy Kid started at the Calgary Farmers Market back in 2004 and now has its own store conveniently located in Kensington. It supplies a wide-range of candy from all over the globe including sweets all the way from Spain, Australia and the Netherlands. It even offers bulk candy for weddings and birthday parties. 

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Freak Lunchbox

Freak Lunchbox is located on the famous “Red Mile” and is the perfect place to satisfy those sweet cravings. Freak Lunchbox is a chain that began in Halifax in 2001 and has since become one of Canada’s favourite candy shops. They are passionate about classic hand-painted art and all of their stores are designed by their team of artists in Halifax. To learn more visit their website here.

Gummi Boutique

Gummi Boutique is Canada’s first online candy shop that will ship sweetness across the country. Luckily for us Gummi Boutique has two locations in Calgary; one in Kensington and another in Inglewood. They also work with “Skip the Dishes” to get candy delivered to your front door. To order or just learn more visit their website here.

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Pixie’s Candy Parlour

Pixie’s is an old-fashioned candy shop offering sweets from every decade. Pixie’s began in 2013 at a local farmer’s market, after the farmer’s market closed its doors Pixie’s found a new location and opened its doors in 2016. Read more about their story on their website here.

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Olivier’s Candy

Olivier’s Candy is one of the oldest businesses in Western Canada, having began in 1909, Olivier’s has seen it all. The business has changed throughout the years but never stopped providing the best confections to its loyal customers. Visit their website here.

Jolly Goods Candy Stop

If you’re ever craving those classic European treats, Jolly Goods Candy Stop is the place to be. They import 90% of their products from the United Kingdom. You can also find all kinds of British souvenirs here! Visit their website here to learn more.


Owners, Rosie and Josh, got the idea for Sugarfina while watching the classic film “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.” After watching they decided that adults should have some fun too and began their work to create a chic candy store for adults. Most of their candies are sourced from the most authentic artisans across the globe. To find your favourite treats visit their website here.

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Yummy Co.

Yummy Co is a nostalgic candy shop that specializes in classic candies from your childhood. You can order the sweets online or step into the shop in the CrossRoads Market. If you can’t find your old favourite candy, drop them a note and they will find it for you as long as it is still in production. Find out if they have your favourite at their website here.



Candylicious is the perfect place to satisfy your sweet cravings with bins of candy from wall to wall you can grab a bag and fill it with your favourite mix of candies. For any Pez Collectors this is definitely a place to check out. Visit their website here to learn more.


The Sweet Factory

Located in Lower Mount Royal, the Sweet Factory is a candy store that mixes traditional confections with modern interior design. Here you can find some deliciously unique candies such as: gingerbons and double-salted licorice. To learn more visit their website here.

If we missed any of your favorites, let us know in the comments below!