Illuminasia is a lantern & garden festival that takes place on the grounds of the Calgary Zoo from September 8th to October 16th every week from Thursday to Saturday. With intricate Chinese lantern displays highlighting the four noble plants of Chinese culture, the four seasons and zoo and culturally symbolic animals, this event is surely worth attending.

Last year’s event was an overwhelming success, and this year’s outing is sure to please just as much. There are stage shows for both adults and the whole family to enjoy with elements to please all – ninja battles, martial arts, music, acrobatics, dancing and a classic tale of good versus evil! Also on the grounds is a station with a set of 12 lanterns detailing the process of bringing a lantern to life!

For the best experience, make sure to get to the grounds just before sunset to see the lanterns transition from beauty by day to magic by night – don’t forget to take photos to save the moment!

Here’s a few photos from last year’s event. If you’d like to see your photos from this year’s Illuminasia posted in our photo recap after the event is all wrapped up, tag #yycnow on your Instagram post!