When I got the invitation to the Calgary Woman’s Show I was a bit hesitant. I generally don’t like the idea of gender specific events and was a bit worried that it would be a walking stereotype of what I hate women’s events to sometimes be. But it was not the Tupperware and lipstick party that I was worried about, and is really a great event for the whole family, with a highlight on things that yes, women tend to care about.


One of the things I was most excited to see was the Alberta Dames exhibit. If you love the upcycling trend as much as I do, these girls know how it is done. I, of course, love that it is locally made and incredibly chic. If you are planning a wedding I would highly recommend taking a look into this company, with all sorts of cute frames, mirrors and other pieces that would add as a wedding prop that would fit in perfectly to your home after.


Another thing I love is the trend of meal planning to your door. The fact that businesses have caught on to the fact that yes, in most families today, both parents work and it is sometimes hard to have meals on the table that everyone can enjoy. It was my first time at the show, and also a first time for FitKitchen who operate a super healthy meal planning service out of McKenzie Town, that delivers across the city. The owner and head chef is behind The Main Dish in Bridgeland as well, and being more familiar with that venue I can guarantee that these meals will be tasty. A serious option for anyone who is constantly on the go.


Though I generally don’t like to meet my brunch before I eat it, I was excited to learn about Sage Hill Permaculture, an Airdrie farm that practices sustainable and organic farming practices. If you do eat meat I highly recommend looking into where your meat is coming from and how they treat their animals. Anyone who has ever read Skinny Bitch or Food Inc. knows the horror of animals living in revolting conditions and killed inhumanely. This farm is so busy with visitors that they sell all of their meat straight from the farm. They say it’s a great educational experience for kids to understand where their food comes from.


Another vendor that I was super curious about was from Bronze Baxx Tanning salon. I had heard about VelaShape from the Kardashians (sorry for using the K word everyone…) and from my friend who had recently tried it in Calgary. Though I am slightly more hesitant than she is about trendy beauty techniques, I was glad the owner of the company was right there doing a demo herself. The technique is supposed to remove cellulite, by using infrared light to target fat cells.

As Amy who works at the booth reminded me, cellulite does not discriminate. Anyone can have it, and if you were interested in alternative ways to get rid of it, I would encourage you to swing by Bronze Baxx Tanning Salon and book a consultation. That being said- if you could care less about how your backside looks, all the power to you!!


Anyone who knows me also knows that if there is a puppy around I will find it, and I will cuddle it. I was pleased to see one of my favourite organizations was there Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society (AARCS) with a handful of adoptable puppies. These little guys were mostly fast asleep, and had been rescued from a puppy mill. They were about 8-11 weeks and looking for adoptable families. For more information about AAARCS, check out their website…it took all of my strength and rational thinking to walk away from this guy.

All in all I was pleased with the event. It had information for all walks of women, including booths that helped with your investments and finances, to Tupperware if you cared for it, and rows and rows of fun accessories.

There is no question that if you are a lover of farmers markets, local business, and generally organic or earth friendly products that you would love this event.

For more information about the Calgary Woman’s Show be sure to give them a like or a follow and stay tuned for details on the next one on April 16 and 17, 2016!