Research suggests that keeping track of your nutritional intake doubles your chances of weight loss. Combining awareness with an already popular trend in the “self tracking” mobile revolution where users track their own activity, one Calgary developer has created a great way to monitor your food intake.

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It’s called “The Slate Scale” and is just that, a handheld portable smart scale that connects to your phone via Bluetooth and provides real time calorie and nutrient information based on what is being weighed.

The app itself is connected to a nutritional database which houses thousands of items to choose from so it’s a convenient way of getting precise information on calories, fats, protein and carbs.  It also comes handy with a barcode scanner for those times you cant be bothered to type things out.

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With diet and nutrition making up 80% of the weight loss equation, Slate intends to give you complete control of your nutritional intake.  

The app also prompts you with recipe suggestions that fit your daily calorie budget and has plans to integrate with other apps such as FitBit and MyFitnessPal.  The more you use it the easier it recognizes your eating habits reducing the amount of manual input needed.

At this point co-founder Rana Varma has a working prototype of the Scale and plans to launch a crowd funding campaign towards the end of August.  For more information visit