The Calgary Caesar Debate


TOMORROW, Thursday, May 17th is National Caesar Day! We at YYCNow love these hangover helpers just as much as any Calgarian. With this day ahead of us so soon, we wanted to give you some idea of where you and your friends should leave work early for, to the beat the rush of course.

There is much debate amongst every party crew that tries to convince the other in their circle of where the best hangover cure is located. In this blog we set out to try and end the debate or atleast add our two cents into the conversation. Most bars and pubs can make a decent tasting caesar as is based on flavor, however we strive for the fanciest and tastiest garnishes around town. Fun Fact, they were invented in Calgary in 1969 at the prior Calgary Inn, now Westin Calgary Hotel by the bar manager. Below is a list that lists our top 5 favorites in no particular order. This list is composed of those that made the rank based on value for your dollar and creativity of garnish & presentation. 

TommyField Gastropub   “The TF Caesar”

This gem is hidden in the south east in Seton, near the new hospital, but boasts two floors and an amazing patio to enjoy which also has TVs outside. A cool UK-inspired pub has one of the best caesars we have enjoyed and for our hangover edition, we have to encourage to go on Sunday after a fun night out as they are on special for $12. They are something special and it is quite the cure on a Sunday afternoon once you make it out of bed.

Earls “Earl’s Caesar”

Earls seems to always have consistent quality and service at each of its’ many locations around Calgary and Canada for that matter. They are clearly doing something right and we always hear people talking about Earl’s as a go-to weekend spot for Caesars. On that note, we hear that it is one of the best in town regardless what day you go on! 😉

Anju “Shin Ramen Caesar”


This amazing Korean tapas style restaurant is known for the highest of quality food and atmosphere. What’s better? They have a caesar called the ‘Shin Ramen Caesar’ that comes with ramen noodles and other garnish hanging over the rim of the glass on top of an already delicious cocktail. It is composed of irish whiskey, lime, and spiced clamato…yum!

Beltliner “Make Your Own Caesar”

This trendy but yet somewhat retro diner downtown boasts one of the only options to craft up your own caesar! Yes you heard that right. This is one of the greatest hangover possibilities ever in our opinion, and also a lot of fun! Start with your liquor base of choice then toppings and garnish and vuala!

Rodney’s Oyster House “Rodney’s Caesar”

This one is the last on our list, but not in placement! This one has a really cool twist on it as it comes with some interesting garnishes including a delicious prawn and fresh horseradish. Comes with an option to make with all natural clamato as well for an extra organic touch. This is a delicious take on an already amazing classic but we love it just as much in its own way.


Happy hunting & enjoy one of Calgary’s own creations tomorrow to celebrate such a delicious day!