The City of Calgary has begun a long-term project to create a new regional park in the community of Inglewood, called Bend in the Bow.

This park will include the existing Inglewood Bird Sanctuary, Inglewood Wildlands, Colonel Walker House, Pearce Estate Park and other adjacent and joining lands, making a large green space / natural area for the enjoyment of all Calgarians.

Looking at the Bend in the Bow concept board, the project will be divided into in two phases; Phase 1, Inglewood Bird Sanctuary and Inglewood Wildlands and, in the near future, Phase 2 Pearce Estate Park and Surrounding area.

Image: City of Calgary

Themed pathways and trails planned for the park are:

  • The River’s Edge
  • Lagoon Loop
  • Homestead Trail
  • Wildlands Wander

Each pathway and trail have proposed elements to them allowing the fostering of stores for all visitors that come by such as the River’s Edge natural play area or the Homestead Trail’s sawmill picnic structure and artifact.

Right now, the project is in the early stages of its development and they want to hear what your thoughts and inputs on this development.

Bend in the Bow’s vision is to explore and address ways to preserve, enhance and celebrate the only urban centred, federally recognized bird sanctuary in Canada, while retaining the historic significance of the other lands to be located within the new park boundaries.