So by now you may have seen the Calgary petitions revolving around Stephen Harper, and they are getting out of control!

Earlier this week Ezra Levant started up a website and petition campaigning to rename the Calgary International Airport after Stephen Harper. Soon after couple counter-petition emerged to “Prevent Renaming the Calgary International Airport” and another ridiculous one to “Rename the East Calgary Landfill the ‘Stephen J. Harper Landfill”.

Ezra’s petition has reached over 15,000 signatures, but at least three other petitions against the renaming of the airport are gathering names as well.

With over 30,000 supporters the petition to prevent the renaming over the Calgary International Airport has overtaken Ezra Levant initial petition.

The other petition that calls for the renaming of the East Calgary Landfill to the Stephen J. Harper has over 5000 Supporters.

“Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s legacy of trashy politics, garbage policies and wasteful corruption makes this an excellent way to remember him. Canada dumped him as PM and now you could dump your junk in the Harper Landfill!”

“If not the landfill, then I think that one of the leaking tar sands tailing ponds would be appropriate.”

Critic’s suggest Canadians just aren’t ready to rename the Airport.


What are your thoughts on these petitions? Which one did you sign? Tell us below in the comment section!