Yesterday evening a stunt straight out of the movies left Calgary police and many other Calgarians highly confused.

Residents and onlookers in central Calgary were startled to see what appeared to be a man flying over Calgary in a lawn chair suspended by a rather large bundle of balloons around 7:30 PM last night.

Reports on social media suggest that the makeshift-airship’s only occupant leapt from the craft, aided by a parachute somewhere within close range of the Stampede grounds — an observation which the Calgary police shared as well.

Det. Jeff Charlot noted that police were looking into potential connections between reports of a large cluster of balloons seen launching near McMahon Stadium earlier in the day.

According to the comments on this Instagram post, balloon-borne craft was seen left in someones yard on Tinder shortly after the occupant aborted the stunt.

Later, other reports indicated someone was seen gliding to the ground with a parachute in the community of Ramsay.

Right now Calgary police are calling this bizarre incident a ‘Stampede stunt.’

The stunt went airborne to promote a cleaning company, with the balloon-lawnchair contraption flying its banner.

Daniel Boria, was charged with mischief causing danger to life and mischief to property under $5,000.


One thing is for sure… he definitely had the best view in all of Calgary!


This stunt had gone airborne to promote a local cleaning company, with the balloon-lawnchair contraption flying its banner.

Dan Boria launched underneath a canopy of balloons from a park in northeast Calgary, hoping to parachute onto Stampede Park.

“We were doing advertising,” he said.

“The first couple of thousand feet were pretty scary. I didn’t know if it would hold up.”

“It was the most fun thing I’ve ever done,” said Boria, adding it wasn’t a total gas at the outset.

Boria purchased the balloons online and then filled with helium himself.

His contraption was a $20 lawnchair he bought from Canadian Tire.

According to his business associate Derek Mohajer the original plan was to fly on Saturday, but the ugly weather forced a delay.

“This has been planned for quite some time, I’m glad he didn’t die,” said Mojaher.

“I’ve skydived with Dan.”

Luckily nobody was hurt. The balloons and the lawn chair were found.

The remains of Boria’s craft was found just northeast of High River.

“It was just a chair and some balloons and we thought someone fell out of the sky,” said Jamison.

Boria knew there’d be legal consequences from this event.

“I didn’t know they were this severe,” he said.

We will update this story as it progress’s