7 Unique Pizzas in Calgary and where to find them!

Best Pizzas in Calgary for Spring and Summer 2021!


Pizza is seriously perfect. It’s great for when you don’t want to cook. It’s a great meal to bring to an outdoor picnic, and it’s DELICIOUS!

Without indoor dining, ordering take-out is another way to support local businesses in Calgary. Here is a list of unique pizzas and where to find them!

1. Dill Pickle Pizza

If you love pickles, you will love it even more on pizza! Pink Door Pizza always has an amazing fluffy crust!

What: Pickle My Fancy
Where: Pink Door Pizza: 4307 130 Ave SE #180

2. BBQ Chicken Pizza

If you love BBQ chicken and pizza, now you can eat both at the same time. Bow Tie Pizza has expanded to multiple locations in Calgary!

What: BBQ Chicken
Where: Bow Tie Pizza: 4817B Centre St N (Centre Street) & 112 Mahogany Street SE (Mahogany)

3. Bacon Cheeseburger Pizza

Yeah okay, this one is a must-try! Crispy Crust Pizza in Calgary is known for baking on a mad cheesy crust on ALL their pizzas. A fan favourite is their Bacon Cheeseburger. Can you think of a reason NOT to try this one?

What: Bacon Cheeseburger Pizza
Where: Crispy Crust Pizzeria: 464B Woodbine Blvd SW

4. THICCC Pizza

We may not live in Chicago but did you know Calgary has a really good deep dish pizza joint? And we aren’t kidding when we say it’s deep. Add this place to your list!

What: The POW
Where: POW Pizza: 1025 Russet Rd NE

5. Wood-fired Neopolitan Pizza

Dreaming of that vacation to Naples, Italy? Well, it’s probably not going to happen soon so here’s something that can take you back instead. The options are endless at this new pizza place in Calgary serving up pizzas authentic Italian style.

What: Calabrese (their most popular pizza)
Where: Pizza Culture: #1 1114 Edmonton Trail

6. Pizza with a little Greek spin!

Think tasty pizza using feta cheese… Sounds pretty tasty! Niko’s has been a Calgarian favourite for many years!

What: Niko’s Special
Where: Niko’s Pizza: 1405 11 Street SW

7. Truffle Oil and Mushroom Pizza

Truffle oil drizzled on anything automatically makes it taste fancier. Carmine’s Pizzeria serves up an amazing mushroom pizza with truffle oil drizzled on top!

What: The Capo
Where: Carmine’s Pizzeria: 390 Northmount Dr NW

You’ve got a PIZZA my heart after reading this blog and we hope you enjoy your next pizza adventure! Let us know if we missed any other unique pizzas in the comments below! #YYCNow