7 Scenic Summer Hikes!


How lucky are Calgarian’s to live just an hour away from the beauties of the rocky mountains? We here at YYCNow certainly feel blessed, naturally we wanted to share some amazing hikes with you!

SaRRAIL RIDGE / rawson lake

Skill Level: Moderate

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Located in Kananaskis, this trail can be found at the end of the upper lake parking lot. It is a moderate hike, that has not one but two scenic points! The first half of the trail is a well organized steady incline that leads to Rawson Lake. From that point, you can choose to go further to the Sarrail ridge. It’s a steeper climb but totally worth the stunning view of both the Upper Kananaskis lake and Rawson lake! Hiking poles are recommended for the second part of this hike.

Lake Ohara

Skill Level: Moderate

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Moraine Lake

Skill Level: Easy

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An easy hike with one of a kind views. This one is truly for everyone and sight seekers alike, simply climb the small 0.8km rock pile to the left of the lake. At the top, you’ll see a slightly elevated breathtaking perspective on Morraine Lake’s famous blue waters. You may have to wade through a small section of knee length water to get to the rock pile, so dress appropriately folks!


Johnston canyon lower/upper falls

Skill level: Easy

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We’ve all seen this one before, but classics never get old! Johnston Canyon has a well established trail that accommodates to the masses, most of it is even safe for strollers! The views of the continuous falls can be seen through out the majority of the trail giving us so much to take in. Customize your own hike at Johnston Canyon by choosing which falls to go through, with little surprise views along the way, or even go all the way and make the trek to the ink pots! Since this hike is so popular be prepared for a busy trail.


Boom lake

Skill level: Easy

This easy hike leads to a great lake view. Beginning in the Boom Creek area you can cross the bridge and walk through the forest until you reach a path that leads to Boom Lake. At this point, you can enjoy views of glaciated mountains and dip into the cool clear water. Always check trail conditions before leaving for your hike!


lAke Agnes / The beehive

Skill level: Moderate

This trail is marked as moderate since the incline remains steady throughout this several part hike. It begins at the side of Lake Louise with a sign for the Lake Agnes trail, the first stop in this hike. There you can take a break to enjoy the views of the lake and even visit the tea house for a snack. Many trails then branch off from Lake Agnes, one trail starts from the side and ascends to elevated views of both Lake Louise and Lake Agnes. Additionally, you can continue past the forked sign for Lake Agnes and trek even higher. This part of the trail leads to higher ground that showcases amazing views of Lake Louise and all of the surrounding mountains. Plan out this one, you will need more time if you plan to stop at several points!


Healy Pass

Skill: Moderate

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This hike is marked as moderate because of its trail length of an impressive 19 km! Other than that, it is a fairly marked and clear route. It starts at the sunshine village parking lot and leads to these amazing views.


Skill Level: Moderate

This one is popular for its beautiful larch trees, that look their best during the fall! Be prepared for a busier trail since this one is a main attraction, you can expect to see some nice pools of water along the way and a great view of mountain peaks at the top!



We’re excited to hear about your summer adventures, tag us in your outdoor activities!

As always hike safe everyone!