Summer seems to be made for food trucks. When the temperature rises in Calgary, the street food scene rises too. Over the past few years, Calgary’s budding food truck scene has exploded into a full-fledged food culture that has Calgarians salivating at street corners. And residents no longer need to rely on hot dogs as their only street meat—there seems to be a food truck for nearly every cuisine imaginable.

However, amongst this lively and diverse street food scene, many Calgarians may be wondering if any of our city’s food trucks are gluten-free friendly. After speaking with most every food truck vendor in YYC, the answer is a resounding yes! So whether you have an allergy, intolerance, or are just trying to eat healthy, here’s the list of YYC food truck options that will keep your gluten-free self satisfied.

Aglio e Olioimage_400x400

Although their homemade pasta is off limits for gluten-free eaters, their Italian sausage is fair game.  Buon appetito!



They offer their signature fire-roasted healthy pizzas in gluten-free, dairy-free, vegetarian, and vegan.

Bandit Burger

Although their house-ground burgers are not free of gluten, their Parm and Herb Fries sure are!


Bento Burrito CI7XlBmWUAAnVa8

Their Asian infused burritos are free of gluten if you ask for a gluten-free wrap instead of their usual flour tortilla.


This rolling Vietnamese Grill specializes in fresh Vietnamese sub sandwiches, noodles, salad rolls, and more. For a gluten-free option, try their salad rolls, but skip the peanut sauce which contains wheat.


The chipotle pork tacos are served on corn tortillas and any of their sandwich items can be served on corn tortillas as well. The black bean, corn and chickpea salad is also free of gluten.

Capone’s Strada CucinaCHj8id7UsAE8mVt

Specializing in Italian porchetta that just happens to be free of gluten! Pair with their delicious fries which are also gluten-free.

Cheezy BusinessCGBPMryXIAI0hol

Grilled cheese craving? Cheezy Biz carries gluten-free bread on board. They also only use local, hormone and antibiotic-free meats and eggs and their vegetables are pesticide free.

Eat NaacoCIIJF1pUcAElu9a

This Indi-Mexi street kitchen is more than happy to adjust any of their menu items to make them gluten free. Just ask!

Family Fry GuyCHpQ7HTUEAAwCAs

These delectable, fresh-cut French fries are gluten free so you can fill up on their chilli cheese fries and pulled pork poutine.  They even have gluten-free gravy if you ask nicely.


Fiasco GelatoCIeZFciVEAAbmFX

Calgary’s artisan gelato aficionado very rarely uses any ingredients that contain gluten but be sure to ask first. They also offer vegan and dairy-free sorbetto.


Fiesta MexiCana EhaCAhsmXD

The fiesta salad and deliciously spicy hot sauce is perfect for the gluten-free amigos out there.

Happy Fish

Although their signature fish and chips dish isn’t gluten free, their smoked salmon taco certainly is! It’s made with kale slaw, cranberries, crushed peanuts, and their mouth-watering house dressing.

Jane BondBtU6h4xCUAAMOqE

Jane’s tapas-style food truck offers many gluten-free options including sliders, mango bruschetta, and grilled calamari with chorizo.


Meat Street FoodBwxhwkbCAAE4bGs

Satisfy your meat cravings with delectable fine meats from Meat Street. They often carry gluten-free hamburger buns and sometimes even make their own!


Mediterranean DietCF_RluHUoAEImny

With over 50% of their menu items gluten free, you can be sure to find something healthy at this Mediterranean-style fast food truck.


Purple Pastry ChefB_q2LmNUYAAvxJ0

A mobile cupcake and sweets van serving up decadent cupcakes and gourmet pastries with many gluten-free, dairy-free, and vegan options.


Red Wagon DinerCEu3xjeUMAAFB-U

Don’t miss out on Red Wagon’s authentic Montreal smoked meat. They make a special smoked meat hash wrap in a gluten-free tortilla.


Spud MobeelDSC_0068

Craving French fries? How about fries loaded with cheese curds, bacon, or salsa? The fries from these spud specialists are all gluten free!


Steakout TruckAozZ6x9CQAI-87s

This meat-centric truck serves more than just steak sandwiches. Try a steak on top of their house salad or with parmesan fries which are both gluten free.


Sticky Ricky’sCFd0xzXUMAAQRQr

This gourmet Cajun food truck serves up New Orleans’s inspired street eats. To steer clear of gluten, opt for the red beans and rice or their blackened catfish po’boy with no bun.


Take It & GoCFDhbIpUgAA0vZl

This East African food truck serves up tasty curries and authentic barbeque dishes. Their curry of the day is almost always free of gluten and most other menu items can easily be customized to be gluten free. Just ask.


The Noodle Bus

In the mood for Pho (Vietnamese noodle soup)? Pho soups from this Vietnamese street kitchen are gluten free!


The SnoBox

Need something to cool off on those hot summer days? The SnoBox offers authentic shaved ice made from all natural flavours and 100% pure organic cane sugar. No gluten in these sweet treats!


Enjoy a little gourmet Greek on the go! The Greek salad is said to be the best in town… and it’s gluten free.

Waffles & ChixBOG4daZCUAAWqeH

The waffles are not gluten free, but you don’t have to miss out completely. Try the parmesan and chive fries! Keep your eyes on these guys though as they are said to be including more GF items in the future.



Try their gluten-free salad rolls or their Banh Mi tacos served on corn tortillas. Unfortunately though, the Vietnamese subs are not gluten free.



A sustainable food truck bringing local, gluten-free, organic, and delicious food to Calgarians. Try their spicy almond pad thai!


Food trucks are frequently updating their menus, so confirm with any of these food trucks that their dishes are gluten-free. Cross-contamination is also difficult to avoid when working in such a small area. If you’re in doubt about gluten content, don’t be afraid to ask.  Everyone wants you to enjoy the food, not suffer from it.  Happy gluten-free eating!