Finding Vegan-friendly meals in Cowtown can be a challenge but below are 25 of the best places for a vegan bite, whether it is a restaurant, grocery store, or online supplier.

  1. The Coup

Located right on 17 Ave SW, The Coup is the perfect place to find vegan breakfast, lunch and dinner. As an ethically vegetarian restaurant the Coup prides itself on serving a large percentage of organic and locally-grown ingredients. Located at 924 17 Ave SW.

Check out their menu here.

  1. Hearts Choice Thai Vegan Cafe

Hearts Choice offers a variety of vegan meal options at the cafe as well as vegan grocery items available at the Calgary Farmers Market. Hearts Choice also offers the Veggie Truck to be booked for private events and catering.

Find the cafe on their website here.

  1. Raw Eatery and Market

Having just opened in the summer of 2016, Raw Eatery and Market has had incredible success in providing meals with fresh locally-grown ingredients. Raw Eatery and Market also offers a “Bend and Brunch” yoga class on select mornings. You can find it in the heart of Kensington at #2 1145 Kensington Crescent NW.

For more information visit their website here.

  1. Tamarind Vietnamese Grill and Noodlehouse

Tamarind Vietnamese Grill and Noodlehouse offers house-made tofu and vegetable-based pho. It is in a perfect location downtown at #106 111 6 Ave SW.

Visit their website here.

  1. Tutti Frutti Frozen Yogurt

It can be difficult to find treats that are vegan friendly but Tutti Frutti offers multiple flavours of sorbet. The available flavours vary depending on location and season but common sorbet flavours include: pomegranate, lychee, mango, orange and even gummy bear. There are many locations across the city including: Beacon Hill, South Trail Crossing, 17th Ave and Country Hills.

Find the location closest to you at their website.

  1. Veg-In YYC

Inspired by a lack of pure vegan and vegetarian foods in Calgary, Veg-In YYC opened in East Village. Veg-In YYC also supports local suppliers and uses the freshest ingredients available. You can find it at 215 6 Ave SE.

For more information visit their website here.

  1. White Rose Kitchen

The dishes are designed to be shared family-style so they can be shared by the table. Located on Bowness Road White Rose Kitchen is a great option for vegans in the NW of Calgary. You can find them at 6512 Bowness Rd NW.

Visit their website here.

  1. Broken City

This is a great option for a night out with friends, they offer cauliflower wings and a veggie burger. You can find it perfectly downtown at 613 11 Ave SW.

Visit their website here.

  1. Cafe Koi

Cafe Koi is a great spot for exciting local events such as: open mic nights and comedy shows. Great place for vegan dinner and a show. They are at 1011 1 St SW.

For more information visit their website here.

10. Dirtbelly

Finding vegan food can be a nightmare in a food court but luckily dirtbelly provides filling and fresh salads that make shopping much easier. There are locations at the CORE Shopping Centre and Market Mall.

Visit their website here.

  1. Naaco Truck

Although they only have one vegan option they are very willing to omit ingredients from other orders to accommodate vegans. They also only use compostable materials and they have a herb garden on the roof of the truck.

To locate the truck visit their website here.

  1. Cedar’s Deli

Cedar’s Deli goes above and beyond on their menu by having symbols to represent vegetarian or vegan instead of just vegetarian. They have delicious falafel and great salads. They have locations downtown, Edmonton Trail, Market Mall and Panatella Boulevard.

Visit their website here.

  1. Famoso Neopolitan Pizzeria

Famoso has many vegetarian pizza options which can be made vegan by substituting the cheese. There are locations in Country Hills, West Hills, Downtown and McKenzie Towne.

Find them at their website here.

  1. Oak Tree Tavern

This little pub is the perfect place to have a drink with some friends. They have a great selection of vegan friendly brews and a vegan burger option. They are also kid friendly, find them at Level 2, 124 10 St NW.

More Information here.

  1. Raw Bar

This modern Vietnamese cuisine is a great place for vegan tofu and salads. The modern layout makes it a cool place to relax and enjoy great food. The are located at 119 12 Ave SW.

Visit their website here.

  1. Amaranth

Amaranth is a great local health food store that provides a great selection of vegan ingredients. They also offer an in-store tour with an Amaranth Wellness Advisor. They are located at 7 Arbour Lake Drive NW.

Visit their website here.

  1. Community Natural Foods

Community Natural Foods has 3 locations in Calgary that provide quality organic ingredients. If you can’t make it to the store you can also order online here.

  1. Blush Lane

Blush Lane supplies their products from local farms and orchids as often as possible. Blush Lane sells only certified organic produce. They have locations in Aspen Landing, Meredith Lane and Edmonton Trail.

Visit their website here.

  1. Planet Organic Market

Planet Organic is committed to selling only certified organic produce. Their deli also provides ready-made organic meals and vegan desserts. They have locations in Varsity, Elbow Dr and Royal Oak.

Visit their website here.

  1. Calgary Vegetarian Society

Calgary Vegetarian Society is a not for profit organizations that aims to bring vegans and vegetarians together in the city of Calgary. This group hosts a variety of events that educate Calgarians on the benefits of Vegan or Vegetarian living.

Find meetings near you here.

  1. Club Veg

Club Veg is an online forum that organizes “eat-ups” where Albertan Vegetarians can meet and eat together. Club Veg is not strictly for vegans, they also offer workshops for vegetarians, raw foodists, fruitarians, gluten avoiders and many more.

To find a meet up visit their website here.

  1. Vegan Supply

Getting to the store can be difficult in our busy lives so Vegan Supply provides a place to order vegan foods from the comfort of your own home.

Visit their website here.

  1. Veg-Out Boutique

Veg-Out Boutique is an online eco-friendly plant-based speciality store. They provide everything from nutrition to accessories and even pet supplies.

Visit their website here.

  1. V-Word Market

Although not strictly vegan, V-Word Market is a great online boutique store. They are based out of Toronto.

Find their website here.

  1. Vegan Starter Kit

Vegan Starter Kit is a great source for information on why to become a vegan, how to eat vegan and how to live as a vegan.

Find their information here.

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