Market Collective


It’s all in the name – Market Collective. From local designers and local musicians, Angela Dione and Angel Guerra, the founders of Market Collective, have been supporting local artists since 2008. How you may ask? – By organizing events that showcase talented artists from our very own YYC. Market Collective has grown tremendously and gained popularity through the years and has been hosting events more frequently each year. If you missed all the past events then you might as well check out their upcoming events coming this July 17-19 and August 28-30. The atmosphere and artists are really rad, and pretty hip. Trust me, I’ve been to majority of these events and not one has seized to amaze me. You can check out more details about this on the website:

Inglewood Night Market

From the inner parts of Calgary to the outside layers, The Inglewood Night market showcases many different local street Food, Art & Crafts and Sales. It is a chilling place to either sit on the side, sipping on some tea or coffee, socialize or a place to dance around with your kids or friends. It all started in 2012 when a group of friends created the idea of opening events to support art locally. They opened a society that welcomes everyone for free and to make a difference and make Calgary just a step more fun. From hosting a very successful 2014 event, they are back and bigger than ever coming this July 10, August 14 and September 11 to bring live music by John Rutherford and the Big Blues Trio, Magnolia Buckskin and the Foul English. You can check out more information on their website: